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Las Vegas, NV

Clothing line, murals & mental health advocacy through our character #YERMAN.

Clothing line, murals & mental health advocacy through our character #YERMAN.

Breaking down barriers between fashion and art, Depressed Monsters™ celebrates a punk rock, DIY ethos that stimulates a gallery-ready aesthetic. Encapsulating clothing, street art, designer apparel & toys, public speaking and mental health advocacy; Depressed Monsters is a lifestyle.

Depressed Monsters was founded in 2012 by Las Vegas artist, Ryan Brunty, after he lost his grandfather to cancer. Brunty began water-coloring self portraits as a way to cope with the depression that followed and Yerman the Sad Yeti was created. All of our screen prints and graphic designs are based on Brunty's street art and, more specifically, centered around Yerman. Yerman has been featured on television shows such as America's Next Top Model and MTV's The Real World along with murals in Downtown Las Vegas, NV at Zappos.com headquarters, Gold Spike DTLV, and festivals such as Life is Beautiful and Coachella.

Depressed Monsters is proud to donate a portion of all proceeds to top mental health agencies to help fight the stigma around the conversation of mental health awareness.